Project Cargo

  • Types of transported cargo:
  • Various rolling and track machines, including RO-RO transportation
  • Heavy-weight cargo
  • Oversized cargo
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Metal structures, equipment
  • Unitized cargo
  • Piled and bulk cargo
  • Tank containers and flexible tanks
  • Complex objects (plants, oil and gas / fuel and energy sector objects)

At PORTGATE we recognize that every large-scale project is important. It is different from classic shipping services because often cargo is unsuitable for transport in standard sized shipping containers, wagons and trailers. These items are usually transported as individual pieces due to being oversized and overweight. Transportation of large scale projects requires experienced and knowledgeable employees prepared to research all options, analyze possible challenges and promptly react to critical situations. PORTGATE uses functional, practical and sound logistics principles, when handling oversized and overweight cargo. We will always guarantee a solid agenda of flexible transportation services and practical solutions. We have experience in break-bulk cargo with the most of it specializing in Industrial Machinery, Construction, Mining Equipment and other types of freight that require special attention. RO/RO (roll-on, roll-off) cargo for commodities such as vehicles is another field in which we can provide you with a tailored service. We take care of any additional services required, such as special cranes, and transport to guarantee your cargo is loaded and unloaded without any problem.

Road freight service shortlist

  • Transportation consultancy
  • Project logistics budget and planning
  • Project flow descriptions
  • Cargo supervision during loading, unloading and in transit
  • Charter by ocean and air
  • Consolidation, packing and crating of Cargo
  • Purchase management and cargo tracking
  • Transport Insurance
  • Oversize cargoes transportation
  • Overweight loads
  • Barge Service
  • Module Movement
  • Inspections before shipment
  • Customs and shipping documentation