Other Services

  • Custom Formalities:
  • Import & Export Formalities
  • Transit Formalities
  • Excise Formalities
  • Dockside Assistance
  • Customs surveying
  • Personal Agent

Custom Formalities:

Our customs services help your entry and exit into the Caucasian and Central Asian regions as well as the CIS countries by clearing your goods through the centrally located ports. We are offering a wide range of personalized and professional customs clearance and procedures. For each of these services, we have skilled people with thorough knowledge and experience. We will assist and guide you through all your customs matters. Our goal is to offer you qualified customs services 1) that follow the logistical flow of your goods; b) without paying unnecessary taxes or duties; 3) with the least of formalities and costs; 4) monitored by certified and committed employees.

Other Services

  • Storage and warehousing :
  • Cross docking (pallet/box/piece)
  • Storage (in racks/shelf/mezzanine/floor/outdoor)
  • Loading/unloading
  • Repacking
  • Labelling
  • Co-packing
  • Film wrapping
  • Warehouse and transport paperwork

Storage and warehousing :

Portgate offers a full range of 3rd party logistics services that are customized to add maximum value to our customers’ specific needs. With a variety of warehousing options to suit your budget or special requirements we have the solution for you. We provide warehouse services at complexes located in the main transport arteries in the region, in Tbilisi and Poti.

Other Services

  • “All-risks” insurance with comprehensive coverage that’s broader than the industry standard.
  • Competitive rates with no deductibles.
  • Freight and insurance billing on a single invoice.
  • Cover for high risk cargo and worldwide destinations including high risk locations.
  • Service provided by one of the region’s largest insurance company.
  • Single or multiple shipment coverage.


We take full responsibility for our professional activities. Our forwarder’s liability and terminal liability is insured. So is our fleet and personnel. We can also offer really competitive cargo insurance services as per your request. Cargo Insurance provides peace of mind and protection to our customers. During transportation by Portgate and in case of an incident, it covers the freight value and transportation cost against physical loss or damage from any external cause.

Other Services

  • Security and escorting:
  • Immediate protection of the property being escorted
  • Optimal route plan for transportation, with due regard for all peculiarities of traffic situation
  • Security and escorting of explosive and radioactive, chemical and other substances
  • Security and escorting of transiting transport, autocades and agricultural cargo
  • Security and escorting of oversized cargo

Security and escorting :

High-value goods are often at their most vulnerable when in transit. The need for protection today is paramount due to the numerous security threats that valuable freight faces as it moves around the world. With a keen understanding of the unique security requirements in our region, our company offers specialized protection for any type of precious cargo. Wherever your assets are headed across the CIS countries they’re guaranteed to remain safeguarded through our range of extensively tested escort procedures. We do this through constant tracking and monitoring via designated control centers that are manned 24/7. Supported by the continuous feedback of security personnel stationed with your cargo, these centers are equipped to immediately respond and activate emergency procedures if necessary.

Other Services

  • Port and terminal services:
  • Full range of agency services
  • Organization & Supervision/control of Stevedoring operations/works
  • Cargo lashing
  • Cargo storage, weighing, separation
  • Cargo restuffing, marking, sorting
  • Carrying out dimensional sketches and drawings for oversized and overweight cargoes by arrangement with the railway authorities
  • Surveying and forwarding services, customs clearance of cargo
  • Tally service
  • Usage of rail spur
  • Container storage

Port and terminal services:

Portgate LLC offers a full suite of port, terminal and harbor cargo operation services on a turn-key basis including transit, import/export cargo handling in the Poti port. We have qualified representatives in the Poti Port, so we can ensure that all port operations are performed properly.